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DIY Floral Letters


Last week I posted about the baby shower that I had the honor of throwing for my bestie, but I wanted to post a DIY tutorial on these floral letters I made! I have found these for anywhere from $75-$100 on Etsy for only one letter, but made all FOUR of these for about $100 total. I got absolutely everything I needed from Hobby Lobby, and loved how they turned out. 🙂

– 16 inch cardboard letters
– white acrylic paint
– a paint brush (I used craft foam brushes)
– floral foam (I used about 10 rectangular squares of foam)
– faux flowers (buy more than enough, because you can always return what you don’t use!)
– a box cutter
– a knife

Step 1: Buy the letters! They sell these in all different sizes, but I got the largest possible size I could find which was 16 inches tall.

Step 2: Flip the letters over face down and paint the backs white. You don’t have to do this, but I wanted the back of the letters to look better than just the look of cardboard.

Step 3: Take a box cutter and cut the entire front flat surface off of the letters.

Step 4: Cut the floral foam to fill the letters. I cut the floral foam in half, and then cut it into smaller pieces to fit the inside area of the letters. It doesn’t need to look perfect because it will be covered up… just make sure most parts are filled!

Step 5: Lay out all of your flowers, and use the biggest flowers first. I pulled the flower off of the stem and then stuck the bottom of the flower in the foam. I started with the large white florals, then the pink florals, and then slowly filled in the rest of the letters. I used the smaller florals and greenery to fill in any small spots that were showing of the floral foam.


Optional step 6: using a hot glue fun, glue down the undersides of the flowers to the foam. I did this only with the large flowers, but did not with the greenery or smaller flowers.

Finally, enjoy your creation! I love how these turned out, and had a ton of fun making them.

Please comment if you have any questions, or need me to explain something better! But most of all.. have FUN creating your letters!


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