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Let’s Flamingle – A Couples Shower


This past weekend I had the joy of hosting a couples shower at my home for one of my best longtime friends! I had seen the theme of “Lets Flamingle” done for bachelorette parties, but wanted to use it for a couples shower… and I am SO glad I did. Yall, flamingo stuff is EVERYWHERE right now. Planning for this shower became so much fun, and I ended up finding so many flamingo items that I was having to turn my head and pretend I didn’t see them so I wouldn’t go bankrupt (like a life-size flamingo statue at HomeGoods).

Below I’ll share my favorite decorations from the shower, and at the bottom of the post I will link where I found them! By now I’m sure you’ve learned that one of my favorite things about showers and weddings are the details ;).


These invitations were bought from Etsy (linked at the bottom of the post), which is my favorite way to get invitations made! You simply order the invitation, download it to a USB, and take it to your local UPS print store to get them made. I like to get mine made on white, linen cardstock. The quality is always beautiful!

Photo Booth

This was one of my favorite projects of the whole shower. First, I covered the walls with the white & gold polka dot wrapping paper. I attached this to the walls using poster tape from hobby lobby. Next, I added the leaves around the top of the paper and the balloons for a pop of color! These were easily attached with a hot glue gun. And finally, the “lets flamingle” balloon banner was added! The banner was attached using double sided tape. I was nervous that the poster tape wouldn’t be strong enough, but the bottom picture was actually taken the morning after the shower… so you can see (minus one drooping leaf) that it help up incredibly well. It wasn’t very difficult, and made for the CUTEST picture backdrop at the shower!


How cute are these pineapple flower arrangements? And they were SO easy! Using my new handy dandy pineapple cutter (linked below), we easily were able to remove the inside of the pineapples and insert small glasses to hold water. Add in the bigger flowers first, then smaller flowers, greenery to bring in the whimsical look, and you’re done!

Other Shower Decor



This shower was SO much fun, and is definitely a theme I would recommend. I hope this post inspires you to throw your OWN flamingo themed shower or party! Thanks for stopping by, and if you’d like help finding some of the items mentioned above – see below!


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